• Tides of Blessing

This is the story of Russ Fairman who, as part of the CELEBRATE Christian Conference which meets at various venues around the country, sailed his boat, named 'What if it's true' for the journey around the shore of the United Kingdom and met groups of Christians along the way, some of whom sailed with him on different legs of the journey.  Read his amazing stories of God's guidance, provision, and protection for him and those sailing with him.

Quote from Sue Whitehead:

I couldn't stop reading this book once I started! Such joy in every chapter - so many tangible descriptions of God's presence on the journey. So many lives touched and changed by His Love.  Listening to Russ talking about the trip, one phrase really stayed with me. He said that sometimes we need to be intentionally vulnerable for God to show us how close His is to us. Help us, Lord, to hear and trust your calling.

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Tides of Blessing

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